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Aug 6, 2021 Update

Semplice Analytics support for Interaction to Next Paint (Experimental)

Semplice Analytics now supports measuring Interaction to Next Paint (INP).

INP measures your site’s responsiveness to user interactions on the page. The faster your page responds to user input – the better. INP is an experimental metric to develop a better way of measuring responsiveness than First Input Delay (FID).

  • Each category will have associated thresholds and dollar values. You are now able to select multiple thresholds and be notified only when they are reached.
  • You can choose not to receive usage notifications for one of the categories. However, we do not recommend this action because you will be aware when you are approaching additional charges and will not be surprised by a large overage invoice.

Aug 1, 2021 Update

Instantly transfer domains to new projects

Domains already in use can now be transferred directly to a new project on Semplice.

Previously, domains had to be removed from a project before being added to a new one. With this update, if you attempt to move a live domain to a new project, a prompt will appear offering to move the in-use domain and all associated redirects to the selected project.

Check out the documentation as well.

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